TEP Workflow

The TEP Workflow is at the core of our translation processes – find out how it works

TEP in the Translation Industry is a term which stands for translation, editing and proofreading. This process is an acknowledged industry-wide translation standard, which results in the highest possible quality of translation.

Our TEP Workflow

Volume Analysis

The source content is analyzed to determine the exact number of new and repeated words to be translated and the extent of TM leverage.

For a new client and new language combination, a new TM is created.

Time Frame Estimation

The amount of time to complete the project is estimated based on its scope.

File Preparation

The source content is prepared for translation in a bilingual setting using a CAT tool and an existing Translation Memory or an empty Translation Memory for a new client or language combination.

Project Instructions

A set of instructions for the project team is created, considering the client's requirements, file format, subject matter, time frame and reference materials, such as style guides, glossaries and others.

Translation, Editing, Proofreading

The source content is translated into the target language, edited, and proofread, with each step performed by an independent native speaker of the target language using a CAT tool.

Quality Assurance

The AD VERBUM Language Quality Department uses QA tools to check the translation for potential errors.

Formatting and Layout

The target document is reviewed to make sure that the layout is the same as in the source document, involving a DTP step if required by the client and file format.

Client-Specific Translation Memory Update

The Translation Memory for the specific client and language combination is updated with the final translated content for use in future projects to ensure consistency, shorter turnaround times and lower costs.

Client Feedback

The TEP team reviews any feedback received from the client to familiarize themselves with the client's expectations.

Implementation of Client Feedback

Client feedback is incorporated into the Translation Memory and the client-specific glossary and/or style guide where applicable.

Customized Workflows

Customized workflows are possible, contact us so we can discuss your needs and adjust our workflow accordingly.

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